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The Importance of Building an Ecosystem

Dear Mayshad Friends,

Thank you so much for joining us on July 10th for our third Live. Love. Lead. event. Your presence shows the excitement, support, and the growth you have shared with us since our New York City launch in May.

This week, I want to share with you an excerpt from my book, Be A Leader, on the importance of building our own ecosystem.

We begin life in the warmth and safety of our mother’s womb. Once we are born, we enter the world of childhood, where we are encouraged to live in our imaginations—to have imaginary friends and play pretend. This is a healthy stage of life that allows us to perceive the world through innocent eyes as we focus on exploring ourselves and the world around us. Then we grow up, and the transition from the bubble of our imaginary world to the realities of life can often be a harsh process.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is about exiting that safe, protected bubble and merging with the real world. As we are introduced to the realities of life, we start encountering disappointment because things aren’t as simple or as easy as they seemed when we were children. We begin perceiving the negativity of others and the pressures that society put on us.

We feel attacked by the outside world, so we react in one of two ways. One option is to cut off our sensitivity. This protects us from being hurt, but also cuts us off from experiencing all the good feelings that life has to offer—sensations like excitement, passion, and love. It makes us feel stronger to cut off sensitivity, but it's not real strength because, in reality, we are isolating ourselves from our emotions. Sensitivity is the mother of all creativity. By turning it off, we are cutting off our ability to innovate. We can absorb information, but we're incapable of creating anything useful out of it.

The other option is that we don't protect ourselves at all. We leave ourselves open an vulnerable to all outside influences. We are sensitive and creative, but we become the type of person that is constantly tortured. When we turn on the television and see negative news, it depresses us and makes us apathetic rather than inspiring us to take positive action. People disappoint us over and over again because we're not moving forward with the education of our experiences, and we become victims of the world.

Either way, we stop growing because we have allowed negativity dictate how we lead our lives. Thankfully, there is another option: a third path that will allow us to start building a strong inner self as we pursue leadership in our lives.

In phase one, you separated your ego from your self. Now, it's time to start building your own ecosystem. One that is sane, healthy, and free of negativity. Your ecosystem must be centered around you, which is the only thing that you can really control in your life. It's not a selfish act; it's an essential process of cleaning out everything negative in your life in order to protect that which is most important: your self.

Our ecosystem is out world within the world that separates us from the toxicity in life. This space includes the people we hang out with, our professional colleagues, and our family, as well as our passions and projects. Building an ecosystem gives us that space to keep our sensitivity and be creative, yet also be protected. it creates an enormous invisible shield around us because we have surrounded ourselves with positive relationships and with healthy people who share our vision.

Our ecosystem is a solar aura that attracts positivity, opportunity, and achievement. This aura begins with you and grows though every one of your accomplishments.

My wish is for Mayshad CHOICE to give you the necessary network to enrich your own personal and business ecosystem.

A huge thank you to Jennefer Witter for sharing her expertise with us. After closing, I heard many of you discussing the profound moments of her message. Her words of wisdom moved, excited, and ignited you and you will carry those words of wisdom into your personal and professional lives this week...and beyond.

Thank you for your presence and great energy!

Nezha Alaoui Founder & CEO

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