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Mayshad Leadership Retreat

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Dear Mayshad Friends,

The Mayshad team and I just returned to NYC from a leadership retreat and once-in-a-lifetime private concert at Jenan Mayshad in Marrakech, Morocco. It was a magical experience.

Our board members and Mayshad partners spent dedicated “family time” bonding and getting to know each other on a truly personal level in the culturally diverse setting of my home country. We took our brainstorming sessions to the gardens of Jenan Mayshad and let our ideas flow with the cool natural breeze around us.

We visited the Yves Saint Laurent museum and the Majorelle Gardens, which celebrate the iconic designer and his passionate love affair with Marrakech. These sites are moving, full of beauty, design, and love. Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, both rest here in this memorial at their Marrakech home.

I was also able to share with my group the various cooperatives of local craftswomen who create and teach their skills to the next generation. Mayshad Foundation supports the continual development of their handmade products and streamlines their distribution processes to elevate their craft to a sustainable source of income for them and their families. We were touched by the joyful and welcoming dispositions of these women as they invited us in to tour the training centers and hosted us with mint tea and cookies.

Together we explored the cultural and religious diversity of Marrakech, introducing some to this rich city for the first time.

We visited a synagogue tucked deep into the labyrinth of narrow passageways behind the bustling streets and discovered the profound historical significance of Sephardic Jews in Morocco. We then opened our eyes to the eclectic, vibrant works as curated by the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden, an exquisite gallery that would easily be at home in the art centers of New York and London.

The experience was transformational for those involved. Once again, we stepped up our networking skills by inspiring our group to bond on a deeper level and naturally land on business opportunities for each other.

Individual personalities flourished in the comfortable setting. It was a pleasure to receive these close friends and experience Marrakech through their eyes.

Special thank you to everyone who "beta tested" Jenan Mayshad, the new Mayshad Retreat home; our fabulous and talented partners and friends, Joel and Cindy Revzen; our wise and quick witted board members (who had the best time) Jerry Mansmann and Rob Balahura; our sophisticated Art Advisor, Aseem Giri; our New York team, Jan and Julie, Anthony and Danilo; Arnie Weissmann, the esteemed EIC at Travel Weekly; Shelagh D'Arcy Hinds, fellow female founder-executive. Julia Amaral and Mark Strate, world travelers who enjoyed Marrakech the Mayshad Way.

I’m returning to NYC recharged with inspiration and team leadership via an essential stopover at Cannes Lions, the most exiting conference that gathers global creative leaders.

My challenge to you, brilliant Mayshad Women, is to create your source of renewal this summer and allow your personal transformation to stimulate your leadership motivation. I’ll look forward to hearing your ideas in our next event on July 10th. Please reach out to us to discuss every possible way for us to empower your journey and mission.

Nezha Alaoui Founder & CEO, Mayshad Group

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