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Nezha Alaoui. is a Moroccan born entrepreneur, author, impact influencer with 2.1M and awarded activist for female leadership.

After her missions for the United Nations in 2011, she founded MAYSHAD  as an impact driven communication and business development company, inspired by the names of her daughters Maysoon and Shadeen. 


In 2014 MAYSHAD GROUP was restructured as a group of entreprises that carry the Mayshad brand at the heart of women’s leadership with products and services championing women's empowerment.

In September 2018, Nezha Alaoui CEO of MAYSHAD GROUP moves to NY, to lead her team in working closely with corporations, brands and institutions to develop initiatives and campaigns for female's empowerment, diversity, equity and inclusion.

WOMEN CHOICE the New York based company that empowers women, is backed up by a tech platform that gathers a network of highly accomplished women who connect in a trusted environment via digital interactions and series of events.

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