Mayshad CHOICE connects dynamic professional women through private, interactive, and experiential events focused on networking and innovative content. 

Laugh, toast, and create new business opportunities--we call it networking the Mayshad way! 


Our VIP circle of highly accomplished women investors cherish women's empowerment, allow us to bring leadership solutions to today's market, and desire to make a difference with us.


Together, we are revolutionizing the way women network, invest, and give back.   

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Join us for a week to focus on your inner strength and strategies to succeed at your next goal. 

Our women-focused retreat series, hosted at Jenan Mayshad in Marrakech, Morocco, promises cultural immersion, innovative content, and stunning accommodations.



CHOICE is a multidemensional platform that will curate content, business and investment opportunities, and relevant causes to its trusted and vetted network of women executives and entrepreneurs. With dual emphasis on digital and face-to-face experiential opportunities, our platform will result in measurable impact for women's leadership.