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Leadership accelerator for high potential executive women

Program Benefits for your organization:

  1. Accelerate Women Leaders: Equip your team with validated tools and learnings to fast-track their personal executive development.

  2. Foster a Culture of Inclusion: Change your workplace culture with tools and training to cascade learning and insights to women in junior leadership.

  3. Enhance Brand Reputation: Create effective and influential ambassadors with long-term opportunities to amplify their impact using the Mayshad CHOICE platform and ecosystem. 

Key Program Milestones

  • Develop a personal action plan to accelerate your growth as a woman leader

  • Create a value-based leadership brand to drive confident, sustainable performance

  • Sharpen your executive presence in all settings: from media to the boardroom

  • Establish a trusted network of talented peers that will become your support system

  • Leverage the power of your stakeholders and advocates to further your goals

Who Should Attend?

High-achieving, high- potential women leaders who are ready to accelerate their professional growth and to become passionate advocates for themselves and their company. 

The Mayshad Difference

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 2.13.05 PM.png

Global Approach to Women's Leadership


Distinctive Teaching Methodology


Actionable Learning


Exceptional Group of Global Peers



Topics explored: Value-based Leadership · Building Your Leadership Brand · Developing Your Action Plan · Managing Your Stakeholders · Elevating Your Public Profile · Maximizing the Power of Networking · Board Election · Media Training · Sharpening Your Executive Presence · Leveraging Your Ecosystem

Module 1

Set the scene: self- reflection & goal setting


Understand your value- based leadership brand


Define professional & personal goals for the journey

Module 2

Build your action plan: from present journey to future path planning


Build your 5-year action plan

Create your support system within the network

Module 3

Skill-building Boot Camp

In a series of practical parallel workshops, you choose to sharpen your action plans with: Media Training, Board Preparation, Executive Presence, or Networking Effectively

Module 4

Increase your impact: reflect on your journey


Become an effective advocate for yourself and your company

Cascade learnings within your organization and ecosystem

Your Instructors



Founder & CEO, Mayshad Group

A serial entrepreneur, author and advocate for women's development, Nezha impacts a community of over 1.4M with her message of women's leadership.



Executive Coach, The Preston Associates

A former global Fortune 500 business leader and CEO, Luciana currently acts as an executive coach and board director, guiding corporations and entrepreneurs to extraordinary business results.

Starting in January 2020 with limited enrollment.
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