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Social Media, Magazine & TV

Mayshad Mag is an advocacy platform that supports the empowerment of individuals by producing content through a variety of topics from leadership to spiritual well-being. 

We also give a voice to women and experts from all over the world who share their thoughts and achievements with our readers. ​

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Mayshad TV is the audiovisual arm of MAYSHAD. We produce engaging content for Women Empowerment. Mayshad TV is an advocacy platform that focuses on inspiring and empowering content with the purpose of raising awareness and exploring leadership in our contemporary life.

@Mayshadwoman Nezha Alaoui is our Editor in Chief. She is a global advocate for Women Empowerment and Leadership as well as a successful entrepreneur who aims to inspire people with her powerful message to « BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE », trough all her social media pages. She is followed daily by more than 750K Mayshad women & men.

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